Tuesday, August 30, 2011

things we carry • leanimale

Laura of leanimale here with the things I carry! I believe I am organized in my purse than anywhere else. I wasn't always - but I got so tired of digging through my bag only to find the thing I was looking for very last, after spilling everything else out. I needed a more efficient way of handling all of the things I like/need to carry. So I divvied up my treasures into several smaller bags.

 In my scavenger pouch I have some creative supplies, should I feel the need to write, draw or paint. This is particularly important to have with me when I travel, as exploring and adventuring always inspires me.

My adorable juicy pear pouch holds my 'beauty' essentials which for me include chapstick (very important), a mirror I rarely use, and a hair tie.

I keep a mini Cranium game with me for spontaneous game-play when hanging out with a couple of friends. (The mini Cranium game came from a Chick-Fil-A kid's meal!) I also keep a few actual Cranium trivia cards because I think trivia is fun. And lastly, when I'm bored by myself and want to pass some time, I carry a miniature version of Boggle. I love word searches!

I keep all of my keys & keychains on a key fob I won at a Thirty-One party. Keychains include: "Bear Getting Into Something" keychain from Madrid, one of the only keychains I could find in India, a hand painted Velveteen Rabbit converted from a necklace by Tuckoo and Moo Cow, a quartz crystal keychain from the Jurassic Park land of Islands of Adventure in Orlando, a keychain that looks like my dog, a Disney Vinylmation keychain from Downtown Disney in Los Angeles, and a keychain my mom made from hemp & purple beads. And those are the things I carry!


  1. My goodness, you ARE organized! I love how a lot of what you carry is for your creative needs. :)

  2. I LOVE seeing into people's organizational styles, i love the idea of mini-bags inside the big overall bag! might have to try that... :)