Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7 questions • Christina Newton of Fr33na

7 Questions with Christina of Fr33na

1. Where do you live? Currently i live in Bakersfield, California. I am originally from Bucharest, Romania. The transition from a 4 million people to a city of 400,000 was interesting. I don’t mind experimenting. It’s just weird not seeing a lot of people walking on the street. I wouldn’t mind living up in the mountains as long as I would have a town nearby. Once in a while I feel the need to be surrounded by people.
Oh, and on top of that my dream is to move in Prague, Czech Republic.

2. What are you totally obsessed with lately? Other than fabric and crochet, I would say Photography and British Dramas.

3. Coffee, Tea or both? Pepsi please !!! I’m not a coffee person, though I remember stealing sips from my parents cups when I was a kid, just because we weren’t allow to. I used to have a cup of hot tea in the morning for almost 20 years. My favorite is Linden Tea with lemon.

 4. What is your fave thing about being on Etsy? I like seeing artists from all over the world in one place. It’s like a big international marketplace I can shop for days and days and still find something unique.

Care to share a photo of you as a child?

5. And what is your least fave thing about being on Etsy? Haven't had problems so far, except that one time when I made a purchase from a scam store. Pay attention to the details of the shop before you make a purchase - like feedback and shop policies.

6. What are you afraid of? I am afraid of regrets, of being far away from people I love.

  7. Who are you in love with? Jesus, my husband Lowell, and my large family ( 11 brothers and sisters, 2 nieces, 1 nephew )


  1. It's always so nice to get to know our team mates better. This is a wonderful blog post.
    Nice to meet you,Christina!

  2. It's wonderful to get to know you better Christina. What a huge change moving from Romania to California. I enjoyed your interview and I have to say that you and your husband make a lovely pair! All the best to you and your shop!

  3. How cute you are Christina! I loved getting to know you better!

  4. Loved reading about Christina and her work and dreams - may they all come true! xo

  5. Thank you guys, you are awesome. I cannot tell you how proud i feel to be in this team.