Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things we carry • palimpsestic

Jenn from Palimpsestic here. I've loved seeing the bags of other Dream Team members, so I thought I'd give you a look inside mine. I'm the mom of a ten-year-old boy and our whole family is outdoorsy and active, especially in the summer, so my "gear" reflects that.

My Mountainsmith bag. My husband did some work for Mountainsmith many years ago and they provided us with piles of gear. It was a brilliant marketing move on their part, because I’ve bought more since. I feel good about supporting a company local to me in Colorado. Plus, this particular bag was part of the initial haul. It’s at least six years old and still looks practically new. Everything else you see fits inside here.

2. My iPad and my GorillaMobile Yogi (those bendy legs, which are just about the best invention ever.) I used to always carry a book on me, but now my iPad serves that purpose. I also keep a photo gallery portfolio on the iPad so I always have a beautiful, high-resolution slideshow of my work.

3. Cinch sack containing geocaching necessities. I use my phone as a GPS, but this bag contains a pencil and some small toys to exchange for goodies when we find a cache. My whole family loves geocaching and we do it often.

4. Zipper bag with various cosmetic necessities—lip gloss, a stain stick (anyone who’s met me knows why I need this…I’m hopeless), miscellaneous pills, Burt’s Bee’s “green stuff” (my secret Mom remedy for everything), and some bobby pins, just in case I stumble on a lock that needs picking. (Kidding. I have long hair and those things come in handy.)

5. Moo cards!

6. Bluetooth earpiece, my iPhone, my Moleskine notebook, my favorite Bic pens, and a wire-formed hippo. What? You don’t carry a hippo?

7. Prescription sunglasses, which I rarely needed in Seattle, but always need since I moved to Colorado.

8. Reusable shopping bag.

9. Wallet

10. Headphones and a microfiber cloth for the iDevices.

11. Splenda. Pretty sure these are remnants from my recent cross-country Splenda-stealing crime wave. Also, I drink a lot of coffee.

Not shown is my water bottle-- a big, stainless steel, liter-sized behemoth. It's a necessity in this dry climate and I'm drinking from it right now.

So there you have it...the things I carry. I hope you had as much fun peeking into my bag as I've had peering into others.


  1. Great gear Jenn! I've always been intrigued and wanted to try geocaching, sounds like so much fun. Love getting to know you better by seeing what you carry :)

  2. So organized and a sense of humor to boot! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. not gonna lie, i had never heard of geocaching before, had to google it! it sounds like your family is really active and that is WONDERFUL - colorado is a beautiful, amazing place to take advantage of the outdoors. :) and i love that you carry an ipad for book purposes!