Tuesday, September 13, 2011

things we carry • corrnucopia

Bare necessities are what it's about for me Ilena from Corrnucopia. I really don't care for carrying around a purse at all but out of necessity with my little ones, ages 3 and 5, I must. So here are my few must haves.

Wipes in a plastic baggie. These get me out of many messes. Apparently they are also very entertaining as they will keep my kids occupied when they are in the car and have had enough.

Measuring tape always comes in handy.

Hand lotion from Long Winter Farm. Love this stuff!

Money purse filed with the plastic, business cards, and the coupons that I forget I have when I'm at the store. Sometimes actual money.

Altoids. fresh breath is a wonderful thing.

Yellow goopy thing from the dentist's office prize box. It's absolutely disgusting but the kids love it. Used only for extreme meltdowns.

The phone. I've just joined the smartphone age and love being able to stay connected to my shop and Etsy. Totally addicted (to phone & Etsy).

Hearing aid batteries. A must have ~ my 3 year old son doesn't hear without them. I keep these in a little vintage leather case. Also a little tool that I devised to open the aids with (oh those child proof locks).

& these are the things I carry!


  1. These posts are so fun! I too am never without wipes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your minimalist approach! Have to try that hand cream!!!

  3. LOVE your purse and am impressed by how little you carry ;) i, too, am super addicted to my smart phone!

  4. this is so cute and neat! love love <3

  5. thanks for sharing! I am so nosy so like to see what others have! love your vintage little purse too!

  6. Such fun! Great idea to carry a tape measure, you never know when you need it! Thanks for sharing!