Tuesday, October 4, 2011

7 questions • Kathi of All Things White

7 Questions with Kathi Mundigler of All Things White

1. Where do you live?   I live in Racine, WI with my husband Dave.  I have lived in WI my entire life and in this house for 31 years.

2. What are you obsessed with lately?   Figuring out how to organize my house.  The vintage business has started to take over and our home is not especially large.  We recently did our first large show- Junk Bonanza- and pretty much dropped everything in our small basement and garage when we got back. Now all of that cleaning out and organizing I was going to do "after Junk"  is my reality.    And on a more fun note drinking coffee and baking,  they both make me happy.  And are an excuse to procrastinate on the organizing.

3. Coffee or tea?   I guess I just covered that- strong coffee with flavored creamer.
4. What is your favorite thing about being on Etsy?   There are so many things I like it is hard to pick.   The sense of community and the support of fellow teamies and etsians.  And the amazing venue we all for our businesses,  I would not have been doing this without Etsy.

5. What is your least favorite thing about being on Etsy?  Accounting.

6. What are you afraid of?   Mice and other rodents.  They completely freak me out.  Just had a little shiver even thinking about them.
Care to share a photo of you when you were little?
7. Who are you in love with?  My husband Dave!  We met in college at UW-Madison and have been together ever since.  And of course my daughters Annie (thedancingwren)  and Allison (elizabethwrenvintage) and my Mom.  I am blessed with a wonderful extended family too.


  1. Kathi ... so nice to meet you all! Racine is just a hop, skip and a jump from me here in Elgin, IL!

  2. Hi Kathi!! Great interview! Love seeing the photos, esp the one of you when you were little :) :)

  3. fascinating! i've always wondered if vintage sellers keep all their wares in their homes - i swear, i would want a warehouse out back :) loved reading more about you, kathi! you have a beautiful family and a beautiful home!

  4. mom, this is wonderful!!! perfectly written and the pictures you sent in are beautiful. i can't believe i didn't know you were doing this! a well deserved feature :D i'm so proud of you.

  5. Kathi
    I shoulda guessed you were from midwest! What a wonderful family you have and like my family so many of us on Etsy every day.. a wonderful way to keep in touch as well. A convo here and there. And of course the ETsy family. I am so happy I came here and read your post. I lived in Colfax one winter so I know your cold.. stay warm and cozy and look out for mice. My daughter Rita(animalgam and wolfhouse on etsy)just moved into her own apt. for college and she is alone so she got 2 rats and now a porcupine.. I too am afraid of rodents so going there is tricky! I wish you well on the coming season!! Marianne

  6. Lovin this blog! Thank you DancingWren for sending it my way!

  7. It's great to learn more about you Kathi! I especially love the picture of all of your white vintage things, I'm so used to seeing them beautifully photography but individually! Good luck to you with your wonderful shop!