Friday, July 8, 2011

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Left to right, bottom row: Neutral leather bag from Banana Republic, tattered wallet, silver business card holder with my laurenblythedesigns Etsy shop business cards. Middle row: California Baby Sunscreen, Cars 2 Fruit Snacks, Blackberry, Nars and Armani lipstick collection (this is nothing compared to what I don’t carry!) Top row: Tea (coffee) cup cozy from Knit Storm on Etsy, black hair clip, bottle of Advil, vintage 1980s tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses and one of my designs: Garland earrings in black

Lauren’s purse

Hi, I'm Lauren from
laurenblythedesigns! Here is a look inside my purse. By the way, I don’t use one purse all the time, I have a few and often change them out depending on the season. Since it's summer I am using my casual summer bag.  The day I photographed this I had to run errands: to the Post Office to mail jewelry orders, the bank and then the mall, with a Starbucks on the way of course!  The bag is from last summer from Banana Republic. It’s such a classic look that really goes with everything.

The bag may change, but the daily carry doesn't change much:

Wallet. A must of course to pay for the post office, the daily Cappuccino and the occasional mall stroll (see my lipstick stash below!), as well as 5 year old child needs. Can you say Monkey Business? Or an ice cream cone? Or snacks at the pool? The wallet is just something I got a few years ago and I liked how neutral it is. Nothing special about it except of course it does what it should!

Silver business card case was a birthday gift last year and I love it! It fits my “vintage” style and it holds my Etsy shop cards well!

California Baby Sunscreen. I carry this around for my 5 year old. When we are out at a park or something I hate forgetting sunscreen. This has no chemicals but it’s also not waterproof so not the one we use for the pool and such but it’s great to have around. 

Cars 2 Fruit Snack. Five year old obsessions: Cars 2 and Fruit Snacks! What more could a little boy ask for? I like to have one with me when I pick him up from camp and he’s hungry or just as a pick me up any other day.

Blackberry. Love it! Need I say more?

Lipstick collection! Ok I admit I have a huge lipstick addiction and this is only part of it- the rest is on my vanity table. When I am feeling down, I buy a new lipstick. When it’s a new season, I buy a new lipstick. When I am bored, I buy a new lipstick. Sometimes I think of how much all these cost and think of what I could REALLY buy instead!  Here are some of my faves: Armani gloss in #45 which looks fantastic over Armani lipstick in #101. Amazing nudes. Nars lipstick pencil in New Lover (don't ya love the name?).  I love the color but you have to sharpen it since it's a pencil and I don’t carry a sharpener with me so if it’s too low, I am out of luck! Nars gloss in Orgasm (I can't make these names up!) that looks great over Nars lipstick in Tzigane – peachy nude.  Chanel in Mademoiselle (a peachy pink). This sold out last summer so I hunted it down as I had to have it- and now I never wear it. It’s a gorgeous color though! I should wear it.

Green Java Cup Cozy from Knitstorm on Etsy. Since I am a coffee (make that a nonfat cocoa cappuccino) addict, I figure using this was less wasteful than the paper one’s you get at the coffee shops. Plus it's super cute! I also use it for ice cold drinks in the summer!

Hair clip- Target. I have them in a ton of colors!

Garland Earrings in black from my Etsy shop. I have these in my purse as my girlfriends love these earrings in black and I have a pair to deliver to a friend. Ever since one of my friends asked if they came in black, they have been a local hit ever since- well not just local, all the way to Chicago I kid you not!  I have not added black to my Etsy shop because my Garland Earrings in Mustard turned out to be one of the most amazing photos I have taken as luck would have it. Since I can’t duplicate that photo, I feel adding another color will devalue how gorgeous the mustard one's are. So mustard is all that’s available on Etsy (unless you ask me of course!)

These are very old Cat sunglasses. My mom bought these for me from a lovely boutique when I was fresh out of college in the late 1980s so they are now vintage- wow! (and boy do I feel old).  I wore them a lot then aand then retired them until the last year or so and brought them back out. They fit me so well and I get a ton of complements on them!

So that's the purse of the moment! The only thing missing is my car key which are always hanging on the key holder by the door and my little snapshot book that holds my son's photos and my wedding photos.

That's it. That's the daily carry.


  1. Great topic ! I always look at the "what's in my bag" group on flickr. I am fascinated by what ppl carry for some reason.

    I adore those sunglasses !

  2. I try to not leave home without my cards either. You never know.

    P.S. Don't forget a pen! :-)

  3. Love the mug holder from knit storm (go nj). I must say your bag (love banana republic too)and content are lovely ... mine always seems to be full of... well crumpled receipts that I can't figure out where they are too lol

  4. the coolest carry ever. those sunglasses are ... are... are... inexpressibly fab.

    and the makeup. and everything. it's a bag full of consideration, a well rendered, practical, generous bag. well done!