Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest Curator

Blue Birthday Presents for my Sister

Jana here, from luncheonettevintage. I curated a little list for my sister. Because, well, she rules. We've been super close since Day One and she is the main object of my gift giving obsession, partially because she inherited our mother's amazing ability to shop (the retail gene, we call it), but doesn't shop for herself nearly enough.

My sister, who is younger but more mature, is also part sensible and part silly, part girlish, part powerhouse. And she recently got a great big promotion. As it's her birthday soon, I picked out some work-related items in her favorite color (also genetic, from the maternal side), blue. Each item's a multitasker, same as she. 

LOVE languages tote bag, BucktoothedBunny
Tote bag / Message to Self. Girl carries huge folders and files and papers everywhere, because she rarely stops working. Here's a sweetly optimistic and appropriately global-centric and heartfelt tote that, when in the elevator with the Mayor on the way to your office in the morning, you can flip to render plain workaday navy, and then flip it back for a smile at the sight of all that lovely love.

14 oz blue coffee mug, JDWolfepottery
Coffee Cup / Sign of Professional Self-Respect. Since high level types shouldn't be wielding paper cups with logos and plastic lids from their desk, here's a cup for pouring the rest of her take-out latte into.

Button bracelet, nicolecarey
Jewelry / Figgedagibbit. Otherwise known in the female workforce as a bracelet to fidget with while reviewing massive budgets and spreadsheets. Also doubles as sign of being not without a sense of humor when dealing with possibly resentful colleagues who might otherwise label a newly promoted person as suddenly inaccessible.

Open Sea photo, Maddenphotography
Art / Covert Escapist Moment. When the four walls and million items on the to-do list are beginning to multiply on their own, a photograph of the sea, positioned somewhere very easily stared at, will help.

Underwood typewriter, Sarahanntiques
Bangable Object / Childhood Reminder. When we were little and Mom took us to work with her (she worked in a museum), we got to play in the meeting room with the office supplies. My sister liked to play librarian — stamping on "library cards" with a loud, resolute thump, or write irate, overblown letters on the old manual typewriter, which often resulted in tangled diatribes and tirades in which one letter was superimposed over the other until the paper shredded against the roller. Always good to remember one's roots. 

Swing arm lamp, AMRadio
Lightgiver / Possible weapon. Long ago we sisters decided that swing-arm lamps made great swords and staged a mock swordfight using our desk lamps, which we unplugged and pulled out of their clamp stands with great force. Our house was modern; our mother was furious; but we had a blast. Now that she's a grown-up, she can just swing the lamp a bit too abruptly in some fool's direction. Should have a good effect.

Giant hat, Floradorahats
Beach hat the size of an umbrella / Relaxation strategy. The heck with work, honey. Go to the beach. Having a birthday in July has its advantages. Enjoy them!


  1. You're sister's gonna love you even more now! Lol. I love this list - especially the bag. And btw, blue is my favorite color too!

  2. Great picks! Each item will make a great gift! I love deep blue! :)

  3. You are so lucky to have a sister you are so close to. After looking at all these picks, I wish I was your sister too!!!!

  4. Awesome collection, Jana! You and your sister are so lucky to have each other! My favorite item/story is the Lightgiver/Possible weapon, very funny :)

  5. I love your choices and the reasons behind them, great job!!

  6. love your collection of gifts!

  7. blue is one of my fave colors! love that blue swing lamp. swoons!

  8. by the way, my sister LOVES her new bag.